Bow Truss Coffee Roasters – Beverly Hills

On March 25, 2016 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

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Bow Truss is a boutique coffee shop with the goal to make specialty coffee more approachable. They do this by bringing fantastic single origins, naturals, and delicious direct trade to their customers through partnerships and collaborations around the world.

The Chicago based company has 7 locations, with their newest store located smack in the middle of Beverly Hills on Camden Drive. The shop is directly across the street from the famous entertainment agency, WME. Talk about prime location.

The staff, especially the manager Angie is super nice. The store has cool accents like an old school cash register and a stereo system made out of suitcases. It’s a small but sexy store.

I was brought on board to do a coffee menu mural that lists all their drink and full bean options. It was a fun space to work in and I couldn’t love their logo more.

I personally can’t wait to see new locations pop up. Fingers crossed Toluca Lake is next! In the meantime, check out some photos of the space and of the coffee menu mural below:
Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_1586Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_1589Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_1576Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_1572Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_1582_Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss 4Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_2213_Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss02078_Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss02112_Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss 3Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_2221Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss_2214_Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss 5_Kasey Jones, Ink_Bow Truss 2

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