CLR & Bai Booths at BlogHer Conference 2016

On August 24, 2016 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

blogher coverFounded in 2005, BlogHer is a community and media company that includes conferences and a blog advertising network. Its website features news and trends among women in social media. Bringing together content creators, social media stars, entrepreneurs, top brands, activists, and fans, BlogHer creates an eclectic mix at their conferences. This year’s recent LA conference featured Kim Kardashian West and Sarah Michelle Gellar as two of their keynote speakers.

For BlogHer’s conference this year I was brought on board by two brands to help them create activations to help with consumer engagement.

My first client was CLR, the cleaning product company owned by Jelmar. Their booth showcased products and a “cleaning personality quiz”. I had fun 3D props created that listed the four different outcomes of the quiz: neat freak, stress relief cleaner, avoider, and routine maintenance cleaner. People took a pic in front of one of my custom KJI printed backdrops holding the sign with their personality outcome. It was awesome to come across these photos posted online throughout the three day conference. A female company owner myself, I thought it was cool to find out that the company is woman owned. When the Jelmar CEO spoke at her keynote breakfast they used the backdrop as her background.

I also did a last minute backdrop for Bai; an antioxidant infusion drink. For them, I re-created their slogan and brand passions (food, fitness, fashion and music) on an 8 x 8 ft chalkboard. The backdrop was paired with a GIF photo pod, so people could take photos with the backdrop and post the photos throughout the conference.

Here are some of my favorite pics of the CLR & Bai Booths at the BlogHer Conference:
Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)CLR Press Wall copyKasey Jones, Ink. (C)image5 Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)image4Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)image6Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)IMG_4712Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)CSR instaKasey Jones, Ink (C)_1Kasey Jones, Ink (C)_3Kasey Jones, Ink (C)_2Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)IMG_4540BAI BOOTH:
Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)IMG_6634Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)IMG_4667Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)IMG_6651 Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)IMG_4679 Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)IMG_6679 Kasey Jones, Ink. (C)bai instaKasey Jones, Ink. (C)FullSizeRender 2

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