Jenna’s Quince Quince

On October 11, 2016 by Kasey Jones, Ink.


What do you do if you never had a Quinceañera, but always look at that one picture from your mom’s and wish you had? Well, if you’re one of my best friends, then you throw yourself a Quince Quince for your 30th birthday. Take that #DirtyThirty.

While helping plan the big day, we of course needed to have the perfect backdrop for the CHALK SHOT photo booth. Since the party took place in Palm Springs (we took over this super cute hotel, Los Arboles for the weekend) we went with a cactus/desert meets fiesta theme for the backdrop. Add some splash of color to it and BAM, Quince Quince photo booth fresh! The photo activation, with the hotel full of family and friends, churros, margarita pool floaties, and a mariachi band made for a beyond fun birthday celebration.

I love this board not only because it helped ring in a major new chapter for one of my besties, but also because we did it on a printable backdrop…that means it can be used again…and again…and again! It’s such a fun background and I’m so happy other people will be able to use it for their upcoming parties and events too.

Check out all of CHALK SHOT’s pre-designed photo backdrops (which can be branded and personalized) here, and check out some of my favorite photos from Jenna’s Quince Quince below:





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