KeyPR Office Murals

On April 19, 2018 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

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Have you been in a hotel lately and noticed there’s an in-room app or connective device that links you to the hotel’s services? If so, chances are that app came from KeyPR (pronounced Keeper), a developer of apps for hotels to better connect with their guests. KeyPR’s new offices were in an all white/sterile, traditional office space in Downtown Los Angeles that didn’t lend itself to much creative thinking. Thus, KJI came in to breathe life into the space and incorporate cool branding features that invigorates a warm, inventive environment. The whole process took 2 weeks, but we were able to repurpose KJI’s Los Angeles cityscape design that is widely used by our LA-based clients, and add the KeyPR logo in-front of it as the standout feature. On the second wall space of the office we spelled out the word “welcome” in different languages that originate from cities that use KeyPR. We arranged the words in a way where a letter of each word was blue to spell out KeyPR vertically. Combating the ordinary, common problem of blank walls was a simple and effective way to utilize branding and creative design in order to create an inviting environment for employees so that they’ll feel excited by their work and work space. KeyPR loved the designs so much they incorporated them into their website aesthetic and printed them on t-shirts. Here are some pics:

works 3
Dani + Key
KeyPr details
KeyPR x KJI_ 4

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.47.28 PM

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