Amazon’s Back-to-School Event

On March 12, 2019 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Amazon Pic 1

Full disclosure… we’re about six months late with this post… but we hope you enjoy it anyway!

Grab your pens, pencils, notebooks, and backpack – Kasey Jones, Ink. is going back-to-school with Amazon! Okay, so we may have traded in our Trapper Keepers for tablets these days, but the fun and excitement of back-to-school shopping will never fade. In fact, Amazon is teaching us that school supply shopping can be done #AllOnAmazon. Wanting to capture the spirit of the season, Amazon, with the help of the fabulous events team at Sterling Social, held a celebrity event hosted by mom-influencers including Jenna Dewan and Sara Foster who picked out featured products with their kids. Blending old school activities with new school ways can be tricky, but with a little KJI magic we were able to make markers jump off the 8’x8′ backdrop and had our glue shinning brighter than glittering slime. Tying in Amazon’s peppy event colors of light blue, orange, and white, we stayed in uniform by using the same color scheme in the backdrop and even included the classic Amazon logo with yellow arrow to highlight the branding. We also made sure to feature the star pupils of the class – the products – along with the @amazon handle and event hashtag #AllOnAmazon so all Instagrammable moments went to the head of the class. This was one spirited pep-rally and a great way to kick off the school year!

Here are some pics of the event (taken by Scott Clark Photography) and some behind the scene shots with our favorite magic makers at Messex Industries:
BTS amazon
Amazon pic 4
amazon pic 3
amazon pic 1 copy
amazon kji 8
amazon 6
Amazon Instagram
amazon 7

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