True[X]’s Superhero Gathering

On May 7, 2019 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Move over Avengers, the true[x] men are the new superheroes in town…or at least the digital advertising space. True[x], a Los Angeles based Digital Advertising firm, celebrated a successful 2018 with a full-blown superhero themed bash at Optimist Studios in Inglewood, CA. Rose Forbes, the fearless leader behind Two Tree Events, used her superpower strength to bring powerful life into the blank studio space through her amazing talents and army of resources. Kasey Jones, Ink. got in on the action by joining forces to create SUPER photo and live art activation walls created to bring color and elements of POP Art into the venue. Guests, dressed as their favorite superhero, could write their super power on POW stickers that would then be added to a wall. A second live art activation wall prompted the superhero guests to write if their power is used for good or evil – good won over evil (thank goodness!). The final 8×8 ft custom mural highlighted the true[x] logo over a comic book-style city, creating the perfect photo opportunity for guests to snap pics of themselves in full costume. These extremely vibrant and playful pieces added a ton of color and life to the all-white space and provided that POW every superhero event needs! By the end of the night, everyone was feeling as invincible as the Avengers! LA better watch out – there are some new kickass, digital advertising superheroes in town!

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mkp True X 0219-114 copy
TRUE 7 copy
TRUE 6 copy
TRUE 9 copy
TRUE 10 copy

TRUE 8 copy
TRUEX1 copy
TRUE 2 copy
TRUE X 3 copy
TRUE 12 copy
mkp True X 0219-150 copy
TRUE 4 copy
TRUE 14 copy
TRUE 11 copy

TRUE 13 copy

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