Stella + Reese’s 7th Heaven Birthday

On July 25, 2019 by Kasey Jones, Ink.


Kasey Jones, Ink. is a female owned company with a staff of mostly women, so you can see how Girl Power is a really big deal over here. That’s why launching KJI’s NEW Coloring Mural Activation at Stella and Reese’s 7th Heaven Birthday Party last month was extra special for us. Produced by the amazing events team at Send In the Clowns, this backyard extravaganza in Westlake, CA was filled with nonstop activities that mirror what heaven looks like to a 7-year-old girl (or at least to the twin sisters). In addition to hair bow, bath bomb, geode, and unicorn riding stations (yes, you could ride a real life unicorn!), KJI erected an 8 x 8 ft wall that showcased the outline of a design custom-created for Stella and Reese based on all things they love. We’re talking lightning bolts, hearts, baseballs, bows, clouds, rainbows, ice cream, affirmations like GRL PWR, DREAM BIG, POSITIVE VIBES, GIRLS RULE… you get why we dig these young ladies.

With the assistance of KJI artists, Stella, Reese, and their friends colored in the outlined images to create a vibrant and super colorful mural. Once complete, the mural not only made a fun, eye-popping backdrop for photos, but also an installation piece in their playroom. Even the adults got in on the action, with one mom calling the activation “a page out of a blown up Stella and Reese coloring book!”. This made our day, as does knowing that the piece of art will act as a larger than life reminder for Stella and Reese of their special day and how their friends were a part of it.

Pictures of Stella and Reese’s 7th Heaven Coloring Mural in action are below:


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