KETTLE BRAND At The Natural Products Expo West

On March 18, 2014 by Kasey Jones, Ink.

Once a year, sustainable brands from all over the world showcase their green-loving products at the National Products Expo West. This year, I had the pleasure of working with KETTLE BRAND. Their unique 2-story booth served the dual purpose of consumer marketing attraction and meeting-place for KETTLE execs. It was modeled entirely from handmade, organic materials, with a 14′ X 9′ chalkboard as the focal point. It was my job to turn this board into an interesting, attention-grabbing narrative which communicated the KETTLE “Brand Promise,” while also teasing their mouth-watering new chip flavors, Sriracha and Sweet Onion. By using a variety of fonts in differing shapes and sizes, in colors that recalled the particular color scheme of KETTLE’s bags, I delivered an eye-catching mural which engaged KETTLE BRAND’s consumers and buyers alike.

Below are photos of the KETTLE BRAND chalkboard mural I designed taken throughout its 3 day transformation:Kettle_Pre Kettle_inal Kettle Brand_2Kettle Brand_4

Kettle_Touch Up
And here are some atmosphere shots of KETTLE BRAND’s sustainable and eye-catching two story booth:
Kettle_Enviro 3
Kettle_Upclose 2
Kettle_Enviro 6
Kettle_EnviroKettle_Enviro 4

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